AARIDE INTERNATIONAL NUTRITIONAL BASED ANTI-AGING PRODUCT GH9 Honey (Incorporated with Concentrated Plant Stem cells 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Ageing Food Supplement Range) (below 39 yrs old)

*Product of the Year Award 2001: Prestige Beauty Product
*Product Efficacy Certification: UKBRC, London 1996.
*Gold Medal Award 1995: Bio-Pharmaceutical Standards Centre, Nottingham, UK.
*AIB Cheshire Award 2006: Best Anti-Aging Product.
* Various other awards from Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.

GH-9 Honey is one of the very few anti-aging products that are authenticated by reputable scientific and research organizations in the world. Positive results are guaranteed through the double-blind placebo study by UK BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRE, London. Try it Now ! 100% pure plant DNA repair peptides &plant seed endoplasmic extracts GH-9 HONEY stimulates the pituitary gland in the human body to release our own natural HGH at optimum levels. This will in turn, supplement the natural rejuvenation and gradual anti-ageing process. GH-9 HONEY is completely biodegradable and there will be not be any residual deposits in the kidneys and liver, which are detrimental to the human body.

Natural honey lowers plasma glucose, C-reactive protein, honocysteine and blood lipids in diabetic patients in comparison with dextrose and sucrose. However, it is advisable that such individuals should not exceed the recommended dosage. Source:- Al- Waili, N. S. (2004). Natural Honey Lowers Plasma Glucose, C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, and Blood Lipids in Healthy, Diabetic, and Hyperlipidemic Subjects: Comparison with Dextrose and Sucrose. Journal of Medicinal Food. April, 7(1), pp. 100-107.

UK BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRE (UKBRC) in London (currently known as AGIT Gifted Institute of Technology), a reputable independent research organization in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, conducted a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study (a trial method generally regarded as the gold standard) on the anti-ageing efficacy of GH-9 HONEY.

Positive changes among respondents who were orally administered three (3) drops of GH-9 HONEY for a period of one (1) year:-

# Improved stamina. Better sleep, constructive thinking & optimistic attitude. # Better sense of humor, increase in energy & improved muscle tone.
# Enhanced sexual function & performance. Improvement in digestion & eyesight. # Improved blood purity & circulation. Enhanced skin moisture. Cheerful mood & better reflexes.
# Increase in lean body mass. Reduction in body fat leading to better body shape & contour.
# Enhanced mental alertness in completing targets. Improved recovery time for injuries.
# Increase in muscle size. Reduction in premenstrual tension & menopausal symptoms.
# Enhanced erectile function & duration for men. Reduction in brittle bones & hot flush for women.
# Nutrient assimilation. Increase in skin elasticity & reduction in facial wrinkles.
# Improvement in overall skin texture & complexion, stronger resistance against illness & better fitness.
# Better emotional stability. Improved memory & stress management levels.
# Improvement in cholesterol level, kidney & liver functions and stronger immune system.