Disease Prevention

No Pin No Aids
Prevention is better than cure. 

Comprises of 68 products i.e. Catheters, Umbellical  Cord Clips, Aaride Biotechnology Syringes & Needles


Efforts to provide 100% biodegradable active ingredients in the medical formulations to prevent adverse side effects and mutations of germs and evolution of resistant strains Like MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and Tamiflu Resistant H1N1 Strains.

Aaride AGT-1 products are donated for prevention of MRSA, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis , HIV & H1N1 to third world countries under the AIHPP Disease Prevention Programme

Importance of AGT-1 Liquid Gloves

Royal College of Surgeons of England and many other journals reported latex gloves and during 50% of the operating procedures. This inherent pinhole problems has to be addressed in view of the HIV virus which is 0.1 micron compared to the size of pinholes in latex gloves and condoms ranging from 5 microns to 70 microns. This also applies to condom failures.


AIHPP DISEASE PREVENTION PROGRAMME WORLDWIDE headed by Dr Keller and his deputy Dr GK Kogelen Govvin.
AIHPP is a non-profit programme with excellent strategic alliance with international corporate figures, international celebrities, senior most royal family members together with Mr Scholtz, Prof Dr Awosika , The Honourable Mr Nichetaylo, Mr Keller and Aaride Internationale’s Regional Director Asia Pacific and Chief Anti-Aging Scientist Dr GK Kogelen Govvin very much devoted their time involving in global efforts to fight against the AIDS epidemic. This is done by channeling of part of the proceeds from the sales of Aaride International Beauty Products in the form of AGT-1 Liquid Gloves donations to many third world countries plus the online dissemination of information HIV. Aaride hopes to contribute to the World Anti-AIDS Campaign & such efforts. We very much value our Voluntary Information Liaision Director , Mr Venugopal Esq for AIHPP Asean Region covering Far East Asia and Mr Scholtz Esq being the Voluntary Liaision Director for AIHPP Africa for their all their voluntary cooperation in Aaride’s donations & sponsorship of AGT-1 products for the region.









AGT-1 HIGH QUALITY CONDOMS increase condom protection and effectiveness because they are coated on both sides with a complete anti-viral and germicidal, skin surface cell rejuvenating agent known as AGT-1 PROTECTIVE COATING, which bonds with the surface of the human skin(both sides) upon contact. THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE. Based on scientific facts, pinholes ranging from 5 to 70 microns in diameter actually existing in normal latex condoms! They are bigger than the size of HIV (0.1 micron), Hepatitis B (0.042), HPV (0.055 micron), etc.

Though most condoms are electronically tested, pinholes will still develop because latex is sensitive to heat and cold. Condoms are not transported in climate-controlled vehicles or stored in optimum temperatures! People around the world need to know about this. Besides that, exposure to bodily fluids during sexual intercourse will cause pinholes to expand further!