AGDAN Anti Aging Club Membership

To purchase AAride Exclusive Products you either join as a member for 2 years or purchase online as a non-member.

US$ 3,300 for every 3 months.
Members will get a 3 months supply of:

3 bottles of 15 ml Plant GH9 Concentrated Peptide Spray for 3 months plus Serum & Soap.


US$ 2,400 for every 3 months.
Members will get a 3 months supply of:

3 bottles of 10 ml Plant GH9 Regular Peptide Spray for 3 months & Serum & Soap.


US $1,500 for every 3 months.
Members will get a 3 months supply of:

3 bottles of 15 ml Plant GH9 Honey Spray for 3months & Soap.


PRICE LIST FOR NON-MEMBERS ( in US dollars) (subject to revision)

Consumers, dealers and multi level marketers are invited to contact us to purchase our products either individually or in bulk. Indicative prices are as follows:


1) Plant GH-9 Anti-Aging Honey for ┬ácellular rejuvenation – 10ml @ $275 two weeks usage; 20ml @ $510 for 1 month usage ; 40ml @ $1,050 for 2 months usage.

2) Phytoserum Liquid for skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle effect – $1,500 Starter pack only for members $492.

3) Plant GH-9 Honey Peptide capsules (extracted from blue green algae and plant endoplasmic micronutrients) for excellent DNA repair and organ rejuvenation as well as balanced immunotherapy using 100% purified nanotechnological food based ingredients.

Can be taken with food. Take 1 capsule 3 days once after breakfast – $9,960.


4) Liposol Facial Soap excellent in eradicating pimples – exclusive pack for 2 months usage US$960 or starter pack for 2 weeks usage $393

5) Anti-Acne Soap to ward off and overcome acne problems – $99.50

6) Anti-wrinkle cleaning soap for skin cell rejuvenation – $87

7) Liposol Eye cream – $79.80

8) Primordial facial cleaner & Primordial body Sculp Liquid contains 100% pure plant primordial extracts and blue algae extracts – $150 per set.

9) Anti-cellulite soap cellite soap – $96.

10) Ephsilon Hair Reactive Tonic ┬áprevents bald patches in men and diffuse thinning in women -150ml – $141.

11) Teeth whitening powder to remove plaque and tartar which leads to gingivitis – $195 per dozen.


12) AGT-1 High quality condoms – $276 per dozen

13) AGT- 1 Liquid Gloves – $24 per 60ml bottle

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