Anti Acne Soap

The ideal facial skin is a skin surface which is smooth with excellent complexion, free from dark spots and acne. The above soaps from Aaride International have shown excellent results in effectively attaining smooth and youthful facial skin. The rejuvenating effect of the active ingredients on the skin cells also involves removal of excessive impurities, skin pore clogging compounds, dead cells, pollutant residues and chemicals from cosmetics applied and exposed to the skin surface.

For those who desire to attain a smooth skin body with beautiful complexion, you may use this facial soap once a day during shower.

Since there is no additional chemical stabilizers and preservatives added, this soap will be more fragile and easily break. As such the shape of the soap will become irregular if dropped or left to soak in water.

Recommended Usage
Oily Skin : Thrice a Day

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