Phytoserum Liquid


Bio-engineered using advanced scientific photochemistry & phytochemistry methods. PHYTOSERUM LIQUID acts as excellent DNA REPAIR Agent, Antenna and Sensor Concept deployed in the nanotach formulation for Phytoserum laboratoires aaride BIOTECHNOLOGY Phytoserum To be used together with Liposal Facial Soap. Three Types of Wrinkles – Lines, Wrinkles and Folds There are three types of facial wrinkies: lines, wrinkles and folds, depending on the depth and width of the line. Phytoserum is the first collagen enhancing serum which is 100% biodegradable with biotechnology plant extracts which deploys sensors and antenna concept in its nanotechnology molecular structure to detect the damaged, unhealthy and deteriorated human skin cells and repairing the same within shortest time span. Phytoserum applies the following approach in rejuvenating , moisturizing and toning of human skin cells: A)Detect the damaged cells and repair them instantly B)Rejuvenate and enhance essential nutrient absorption to normal healthy skin cells to ensure aging process is significantly delayed C)Remove and exfoliate the dead cells which are beyond repair and causing blockage to the facial skin pores and obstructing the normal ventilation.

Phytoserum is meant to provide the most intricate most efficient toning, moisturizing as well maintaining the inner facial structure and form.Experience the pure antioxidants from Phytoserum Liquid When UV rays permeate your skin, they create free radicals, which are volatile molecules. Those free radicals damage the quality of your DNA which deteriorate skin structure that causing skin thinning & wrinkles. Phytoserum ingredients help your body defend against free radicals.