Don’t Wait Too Long Renew Yourself and Be Young Always



PT Aaride Aide Indonesia is a member of Aaride Internationale Inc. of Switzerland Group of companies, a market leader in DNA Repair with bio-technology and research dating back to 1950. It has made a quantum leap in anti-aging products especially the PEPTIDE based Nanotechnology extracts anti-aging ingredients.

Our approach is external and internal organ, repair, rejuvenation and replenishment.

We have the ultimate anti-aging secret by rejuvenation and internal organ replenishment through 100% pure seaweed and plant primordial extracts deployed as DNA repair ingredients.

Aaride top to toe anti-aging products are environment friendly and free from animal contents. The active ingredients comprise natural plant based biotechnology extracts which are 100% free from synthetic chemicals.

To ensure the ultimate quality and efficacy, our anti-aging products deploy bio nano technology extraction system. Aaride’s expertise is in naturally mobilising our body’s own CD34 and CD133 stemcells to the inflammation side.